The Long Way Home

Jeff Scott
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“Every now and then, a collection of songs fits together exquisitely as a cohesive body of work.  Jeff Scott’s new CD, The Long Way Home, beckons you to listen to one beautifully crafted song after the next.  The production is lush, his voice is rich and these songs will undoubtably find their way onto your personal playlist.”  Ann Delisi,  Essential Music, WDET-FM 101.9

“Jeff Scott’s second album, The Long Way Home, is coming out on Stewart Francke’s Blue Boundary Records and it’s pretty damn good….(I)t is refreshing to hear a singer-songwriter who means it.”  Brett Callwood, Metro Times

Deeply emotional, finely crafted and gorgeously produced, Jeff Scott’s sophomore effort The Long Way Home combines the best of singer-songwriter sensibilities with the energy and well-honed grace of classic pop albums.

Led off by the single, “In California,” already described by the U.K. music review site Leicester Bangs as having “hooks (that are) plentiful and adroit, (with) a chorus that sticks like industrial-grade superglue,” The Long Way Home represents Scott’s continuing growth as a serious and sophisticated songwriter and vocalist.

The Long Way Home features collaborations with Grammy®-nominated writer Sally Barris (“Half-Broke Horses” and “Mansion On A Hill”), orchestrations by Mark Heckert, mixes by Grammy®-winning engineer Mark Pastoria, and soulful horn arrangements on the country-gospel infused “You Saved Me” and the wry “Ship of Fools.” Ultimately, the ten-song album offers a complete emotional experience, from hope to loss to redemption, delivering what fans have long said of Scott’s work:  “these are songs that mean something.”

The Long Way Home also confirms the judgement of the metro Detroit music and fan communities, who recently nominated Scott for a 2012 Detroit Music Award for Outstanding Vocalist, and recognized his 2010 release, Begin Again, with a nomination for Outstanding Acoustic Recording.