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January 2, 2017

Well, here we are : )  A brand new year, and continued work on the new CD.  The title’s changed, the song sequence has changed, but it moves closer and closer to what it’s supposed to be.  Back in the studio later this week with plans for a late Spring release.  Excited!

February 17, 2016

Everything is proceeding “A-OK” with the new CD, Pop Song.  And here are some pix to prove it!

YFPI8721  IMG_3181


January 21, 2016

Production for the new CD, Pop Song, is now officially underway.  On Monday and Tuesday evening this week, we entered RMS Sound Studios in Birmingham, Michigan, to record rhythm tracks for 10 of the CD’s 12 selections:

  1. The Next Big Thing
  2. (Just Another) Pop Song
  3. Woman Loves A Secret
  4. You Are The Prize
  5. Ain’t That The Way
  6. Falling In Love
  7. We Own This Night
  8. Burn
  9. Hope You Do
  10. The Breathing Room
January 10, 2016

Great to announce that–finally–we’re headed back to the studio to begin recording my newest collection of songs, tentatively titled, Pop Song.  These 12 songs are a celebration and tribute to the pure pop songwriting I was exposed to and grew to love—first, through my older sisters and their mash-up of folk, pop, r&b and soul that constantly filled the house, along with my father’s love for jazz and my mother’s love for movie themes and soundtracks–and later, through my own musical pursuits in high school and beyond.  I wrote these songs for the pure joy of crafting lyrics and melodies and chord changes while subtly paying tribute to influences such as Kenny Rankin, Leonard Cohen, James Taylor, Neil Diamond, Daryl Hall, Michael McDonald and more, along with giants such as Stephen Sondheim.  I’m currently anticipating an early summer 2016 release if the stars all align.  Check back for more news (and session pics!) soon.