“Stunning.”  “Exquisitely crafted.”  “(He) means it.”  

These are just some of the accolades Jeff Scott has received from the metro Detroit press since he reemerged into the music scene in 2009 after a 17 year hiatus, the recognition driven by Jeff’s unique, soulful voice and finely wrought original music.

Nominated for 2011, 2012 and 2014 Detroit Music Awards, Jeff has been seen and heard on all major Metro Detroit radio and television stations and in publications such as Hour Detroit, The Metro Times, The Detroit Free Press and others. His comeback story–a near brush with stardom, a retreat into a business career, and then his subsequent return to making music more powerfully and artfully than ever before–has captured the attention of many.

But most importantly, Jeff’s songs and voice truly touch listeners and audiences, bringing added depth and meaning to their lives.